Hydraulic Automation

Hydraulic systems that offer power and control together are used in various industries in various areas. Hydraulic applications can be seen almost in all industries such as cars, planes, boats, agricultural machines, work machines, at ports, in the entertainment industry, space exploration, dams, etc. Hydraulic has been an indispensable part for our industry and technology with a wide range of applications.

offers planning, sales, and engineering services in Industrial and Mobile Hydraulic areas with its 15 years of experience. We also provide quality solutions in revision and turnkey projects by offering product and software support in hydraulic automation.

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Industrial Hydraulic

Our company that operates in the Iron and steel sector, automotive, household appliances and energy and provides solutions in accordance with customer needs with hydraulic control systems and software support. We produce high precision applications with PLC based hydraulic control units produced for industrial hydraulic systems. We offer software support with Arc furnaces, Ladle furnaces, Press automation, simulation cabins, entertainment industry, hoisting-and-transport systems automation, and safety equipment. Our company with experienced staff with overseas training/education has completed prestigious projects in drive and control area with hydraulic solutions performed using top quality products.

Mobile Hydraulic

Compact products with high protection class that can perform in heavy operation conditions are required in Mobile Hydraulics when compared to industrial hydraulics.

Although their operation logic is similar, mobile hydraulic products are manufactured differently from industrial products. Mobile hydraulic control units and control panels are manufactured to work in heavy conditions. Hydraulic control systems are commonly used in the mobile sector as they have outputs capable of directly driving analog valves (PWM Frequency), they are fully closed and in IP67 protection class and they are capable of operating in all temperatures and weather conditions. offers turnkey and revision services in various industries with its wide range of products and experience in mobile hydraulic and control. We mainly offer mobile hydraulic drive and control solutions for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, defense industry, commercial trucks, and vehicles. As our mobile hydraulic control units are produced with high protection standards, they provide the highest level of human and vehicle security.

that has completed significant projects in Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics offers safety and quality to its customers from software support to training.

PLC Automation Systems

It has been almost half a century since the invention of first PLC with a fixed program consisting of hundreds, even thousands of relays. It was almost impossible to find not only people who can understand these PLCs but also spare parts. Costs were so high that companies could go bankrupt. We respect those who carried out manufacturing, contributed to our country’s economy and provided employment in the times when no one knew PLC software or spare parts were hard to find. Today, almost all large to small industrial companies use Automation systems with PLCs. PLC manufacturers offer groundbreaking innovations in hardware and software to industry each passing day with the experience of years and the advancement of technology. We live in the technological age when even end-users can program PLC and PLC spare parts can be supplied on the same day. It is possible to achieve security, speed, continuity, and quality in production and manufacturing equally with the right suppliers.

we offer supply and after sales (programming and training) services to end-users or manufacturers with our 15 years of automation experience. Operating as authorized service and dealership of quality products in industrial automation, our company shares its after-sales technical support and experiences with its customers. One of the few companies that can offer PLC, programmable safety relays, light barriers, sensor, and related products in Industrial Automation and Robot, Servo drive-motor, Electric Welding, screwing, linear motion systems, reducer, and fitting equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic planning and product supply.

We can achieve communication between all our products using any PLC brand with most common protocols (Profinet, Profibus, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP ve SercosIII) as well as the supply and after-sales services for well-known PLC brands in the market in IEC 61313-3 standard. We share program infrastructure (Robots, Servo drive, RFID, PID, etc) applications prepared specifically for products with our customers as open source. We prioritize occupational safety as well as machine and product safety in all systems that we commission in high safety standards. We actively offer product supply and after-sales services to leading companies in household appliances, automotive, iron, and steel, food and manufacturing industries.

We carry out sales, planning, commissioning of servo drive-motor, robot, electric welding, hydraulic, pneumatic product groups, and revision of all systems containing these product types or turnkey projects.

Sectors we actively operate:

  • Adhesion, grouping, quality control, source lines, sheet metal sliding, slitting, transfer systems in household appliances,
  • Robotic and manual MFDC welding systems, paint lines, transfer and quality control applications in Automotive,
  • Arc furnaces, Ladle furnaces, Crucible furnace, Energy Saving, hydraulic press, shears, sheet metal sliding, slitting line automation in Iron and Steel,
  • Filling, packaging, transfer and grouping systems in Food