Axial Piston Pump

Axial Piston Pump

Hydraulic Piston Pump – A Series

  • High efficiency
    Under the conditions of pressure 16 MPa (2320 PSI) and speed 1800 r/min, the volumetric efficiency is over 98% and the overall efficiency is over 90%.
  • Low noise level
    In the “A16” pump, the noise level is as low as 57.3 dB(A) [at the full cut-off pressure 21 MPa (3050 PSI) with speed 1500 r/min one meter (3.3 ft.) horizontally away from pump head cover.]
  • Accomplishment of energy-saving
    Because the overall efficiency is high and the cut-off characteristics are sharp, thus the input power may be saved.
  • Low heat generation
    Because of the small power loss, it is possible to reduce the rise in oil temperature. Accordingly, capacity of a reservoir can be reduced.
Axial Piston Pump
Axial Piston Pump

Variable Displacement Axial Piston Hydraulic Pumps – AR Series

AR” series variable displacement pump has been developed which the aim of even further the quietness in operation, smaller in size and lighter in mass and based on Yuken technology and engineering which put on the market the “A” series pump which has a reputation for its quiet operation and high efficiency.

  • Smaller in Size and Lighter in Mass
  • As indicated in the dimensional comparison presented below, the AR16 is smaller than the A16 (32 design). Also, the mass of AR16 is substantially lighter than the A16.
  • The noise level of AR16 has been reduced by 1-2 dB (A) at full flow and full cut-off compared with that of the excellent A16 quiet pump.

Variable Displacement Piston Pump – A3H Series

  • High performance at maximum pressure 35MPa Volumetric efficiency is over 95% and overall efficiency is more than 90% at 1800 r/min.
  • Compact size A3H series are compact in size because output / mass ratio is large
Axial Piston Pump
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