T-100 flat top modular belt

T-100 flat top modular belt

T-100 Flat Top Modular Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE & Middle East Regions

Conveyor belts of the sort known as T-100 flat top modular belts are frequently utilized in a variety of different manufacturing and industrial settings. Modular belts are constructed from discrete modules or links that are designed to interlock with one another. These modules or links can be built from materials such as plastic or metal. Because these modules were developed to be quickly assembled and disassembled, they are ideally suited for conveyor systems that need to be adapted to accommodate a variety of operations and can be easily customized.

It is most possible that the “T-100” refers to a particular layout or model of a flat top modular belt. The designation “T-100” may refer to particular dimensions, materials, or characteristics of the belt. These belts are available in a variety of configurations and sizes. The manufacturer and the particular use that the T-100 flat top modular belt is intended for will both play a role in determining the exact parameters of the belt’s construction.

Applications like as food processing, packaging, and material handling are popular examples of common uses for flat top modular belts. These applications demand a smooth and even surface for the flow of items or components, and flat top modular belts provide this. These belts have a number of advantages, including low maintenance requirements, adaptability, and the capacity to transport a diverse assortment of goods.

If you have a particular use in mind or are looking for additional information regarding the T-100 flat top modular belt, contact us. we are one of the leading T-100 flat top modular belt manufacturer or supplier in UAE.

  • Main Application: All Kinds Bottles And Packaging Machine
  • Mat: POM
  • Work Temp. -30°C ~ +90 °C
  • Load: POM 17280N/M
  • Standard Width: 76.2 / 152.4N
  • Pin: 4.8mm PP
  • Colour: Blue & Coffee
  • Plastic Modular Conveyor Belt
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