T-300 perforated cleat modular belt

T-300 perforated cleat modular belt

T-300 Perforated Cleat Modular Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE & Middle East Regions

The “T-300 perforated cleat modular belt” may be a specialized modular conveyor belt with holes and cleats. Products and materials are transported via modular conveyor belts in industry. T-300 perforated cleat modular belts are specialized conveyor belts with unique features for specific applications.


  • Perforations: Belt perforations offer regular apertures or holes. Drainage, ventilation, and product or accessory connection points are possible with these apertures.
  • Cleats: These belt protrusions are elevated. These cleats prevent goods from slipping or sliding on a T-300 perforated cleat modular belt. On sloped or declined conveyors, studs are useful.
  • Modularity: Interlocking modules or links make modular belts easy to install and disassemble. Modularity lets applications be customised and adjusted.


  • Food processing: T-300 perforated cleat modular belts are used. Perforations drain liquids, making them ideal for washing, blanching, and drying produce. The studs stabilise items on hills and valleys.
  • Bakery: Belts move dough, baked goods, and other bakery products. Cleats retain things during baking, while perforations enable flour and moisture escape.
  • Material Handling: Belt studs prevent slipping in material handling applications with inclined or descending components.
  • Packaging: Perforated cleat modular belts convey objects efficiently and manage ventilation, temperature, and spills in packaging and labelling systems.
  • Agriculture: These belts sort, clean, and process water-draining fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products.
  • Textile Industry: Textile industry perforated cleat modular belts prevent sliding and align fabric and garments.
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