T-300 perforated modular belt

T-300 perforated modular belt

T-300 Perforated Modular Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE & Middle East Regions

It is possible that the “T-300 Perforated Modular Belt” refers to a particular kind of modular conveyor belt that is utilised in industrial applications. The construction of modular conveyor belts involves the use of interconnecting modules or links, which are often built of materials such as metal or plastic. This sort of modular belt is referred to as “perforated” because its design incorporates holes or openings that are consistently spaced apart and can serve a variety of functions in a variety of different industrial procedures.

It is most likely that the “T-300” designation refers to a particular model, series, or size of the perforated modular belt. The manufacturer and the intended application both play a role in determining the precise dimensions, hole spacing, materials, and other characteristics of the T-300 Perforated Modular Belt.

In most cases, applications that require ventilation, drainage, or the capacity to attach or fasten items through the holes will make use of perforated modular belts. Food processing, cooling systems, drying operations, and any other scenario in which the product being delivered needs to be exposed to air, liquids, or any other medium are common applications for these types of belts.

If there is specific information about the T-300 Perforated Modular Belt that you require, such as its dimensions, materials, or suitability for your specific application, you should get in touch with us. We are one of the leading manufacturer or supplier of T-300 Perforated Modular Belt. We will have the most in-depth knowledge about this particular product.

  • Main Application: All Kinds Bottles And Packaging Machine
  • Mat: POM Work Temp. -30°C ~ +90 °C
  • Load: POM 17280N/M
  • Standard Width: 76.2MM
  • Pitch: 25.4
  • Pin: 4.8mm PP
  • Colour: Blue & Coffee
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