Heat Resistant PTFE Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant PTFE Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE

PressureTech is well-known in the industry for designing and manufacturing Heat resistant conveyor belt that are resistant to high temperatures. We have a professional team of conveyor belt fabricators on hand, each of them has years of industry knowledge and is standing by to meet your requirements.

There are numerous applications that call for a conveyor belt that is equipped with the technical components necessary to withstand high temperatures and to operate well in settings in which other belts are unable to.

We operate with PTFE because it offers a robust surface that does not alter even when subjected to high temperatures; this enables us to function effectively in harsh environments. Silicone is also used as a coating on our conveyor belts since it enables them to function in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

We produce textile conveyor belts with PTFE coating for use in the clothing sector. They are employed in the textile industry for many procedures, including dyeing and fusing. Tygaflor fabric made in the UAE is used in the range’s production.

The following traits describe our finished belts:

High temperature resistance (up to 260°C)
Permeability (prevent wasting heat & improve dyeing efficiency) (avoid wasting heat & improve dyeing efficiency)
Chemical resistance
Exceptional Tensile Strength

Heat resistant conveyor belt manufacturer and supplier in UAE

Detailed Product Description

PTFE coated 4mm X 4mm
Temp Range -70*c to 260*c
Side sealing: Kevlar
Appl: Shrink tunnel, Dyeing

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