PTFE Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

By offering the highest-quality selection of PTFE conveyor belts, we are able to satisfy the various needs of our clients. PressureTech provides this belt in a number of configurations and at a cost that is quite affordable. As a top manufacturer, we also offer a speedy and safe delivery of this PTFE belt.

Main Features of PTFE Belt

  • High-temperature resistance continuously works from -70°C to 260°C.
  • 100% Non-stick surface; all kinds of adhesives, paint, resin, and chemicals can be easily removed
  • Chemical resistant, withstand most chemicals.
  • Light weight while high tensile strength
  • Excellent flex fatigue resistance, can fit small rollers.
  • Open mesh belt has good permeability, which helps to avoid heat wasting and improve drying efficiency.
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower maintenance cost

Applications of PTFE Belt

  • UV Drying machine
  • Shrink tunnels for packaging
  • Garment fusing press
  • Rubber profile extrusion and curing
  • Jerky grilling, food drying, and steam cooking tortilla pressing
  • Rotary band sealer
  • Hygiene Roll and tissue packaging
  • Automatic Tabber Stringer for solar panel manufacturing
  • Carpet, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, laminated flooring manufacturing
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