PTFE Side Coated Belt

PTFE Side Coated Belt

PTFE Side Coated Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE

PressureTech is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of PTFE Side Coated belt in Dubai UAE. Special purpose belt for heat sealing, side-sealing, wrapping, fusing, conveying, food processing, casting, releasing, laminating, curing, cooling, baking, frying, and drying process.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of PTFE Teflon Coated Belts. These belts are distinguished by their best material quality, heat resistance up to temperatures ranging from -60 degrees Celsius to +270 degrees Celsius, outstanding non-stick properties, smooth release, high tensile and tear strengths, dimensional stability, resistance to the majority of chemicals and solvents, non-flammability, and non-toxicity.

Application for  PTFE Side Coated Belt:

  • Conveyor belts for moving biscuits, cocoa powder, and other foodstuffs through vacuum dryers
  • An essential component for dairies and other establishments that produce chocolates, jams, tomato ketchup, and frozen cereals
    Belts for extruded rubber profile curing
  • Rubber extrusion – rubber foam processing
  • Belts for curing of paint chips, P.U., P.E. & PVC products
  • Process belts for curing and impression of PVC backed carpets

The main characteristics of PTFE side-coated belts are:

  • The sides and edges of these belts are coated with PTFE, a synthetic polymer with excellent non-stick, high-temperature, and chemical inertness properties.
  • Non-Stick Properties: PTFE-coated edges are appropriate for applications where materials may attach to the belt, allowing for simple product release and minimizing product buildup.
  • PTFE side-coated belts can resist temperatures from -70°C to 260°C (-100°F to 500°F), making them ideal for heat sealing, drying, baking, and other high-temperature processes.
  • Chemical Resistance: These belts are appropriate for corrosive applications because PTFE is resistant to chemicals, acids, and bases.
  • Low Friction: PTFE’s low coefficient of friction lowers belt wear and edge wear, guaranteeing smooth, efficient material movement.
  • FDA Compliance: Some PTFE side-coated belts meet FDA and EU food-contact rules, making them safe for food contact.
  • These belts can be modified in width, length, and coated edge width to fit application needs.
  • Side-coated belt edges reduce edge fraying and damage in high-stress situations.
  • Antistatic Properties: Antistatic PTFE side-coated belts reduce static electricity buildup and discharge.
  • Easier Cleaning: PTFE side-coated belts’ non-stick surface makes them easier to clean and maintain, ensuring product quality and reducing downtime.
  • Durability: Even in harsh industrial situations, these belts last long.

PTFE side-coated belts are utilized in food processing, packaging, textile, and manufacturing. They are used in heat sealing, baking, drying, and transporting materials that require non-stick characteristics and edge reinforcing. PTFE’s non-stick characteristics and edge durability make these belts useful in industrial conveyor systems.

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