Detergent Conveyor Belts

Detergent Conveyor Belts

Detergent Conveyor Belts Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

To fulfil the growing demand for detergent in the market and expand their production capacity, detergent businesses are implementing a material handling system. Given that detergent is a mixture of solvent, surfactant, builder, defoamer, and additional acid content, it is crucial to make a good choice when it comes to the conveyor belt to guarantee its dependable functioning. Because of its exceptional resistance to chemicals, cuts, abrasion, and quick removal, the provided detergent conveying operation is incredibly cost-effective. The conveyor belt is composed of the PU blue material.

Detergent conveyor belts

The composition uses PU blue material that is 1.8 thick and 90 shores. The conveyor belt’s hardness gives it great strength and durability, making it a trustworthy companion for transporting detergent, but the PU material’s chemical resistance has little effect on the material when exposed to corrosive substances. Also, the simple leaving property allows for simple cleaning of the conveyor after usage, which contributes to the operations’ high degree of hygiene. The material used is quality-tested, and the entire manufacturing process is quality-controlled, which accounts for the exceptional quality of our detergent conveyor belt. It is now a trusted partner of the diverse PU Conveyor Belts, detergent, and soap-making industries and is offered in the broadest range of specifications at the most competitive prices available anywhere in the world.

PressureTech offers an array of conveyor belts for a wide range of machines in the detergent industry which are as follows:

  • Soap scrap conveyor belts
  • Noodle conveyor belts
  • CLD box conveyor belts
  • Sealing machine conveyor belts
  • Wrapping machine conveyor belts etc.
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