Metal Detectors Conveyor Belts

Metal Detectors Conveyor Belts

Metal Detectors Conveyor Belts Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

Many different types of businesses could benefit from utilising a metal detector for conveyor belts. This inspection solution is appropriate for any application due to the sensors’ small size, high stability, and high level of sensitivity.

PressureTech Inspection has the manufacturing knowledge to suit your one-of-a-kind requirements, whether it be in the form of tunnel metal detectors for conveyors or modular conveyor systems.

Each and every one of PressureTech’s conveyor belt metal detectors is created to order and has the capacity to be modified in a way that is unique to the specifications demanded by the particular manufacturing setting.

Integrated metal detectors are used in metal detector conveyor belts. These conveyor belt detection and removal systems are used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and manufacturing to identify and remove metal impurities.

Key metal detector conveyor belt features and components:

  • The conveyor belt is essential to the system. Products pass through the metal detecting zone while being transported. To fulfill industry standards, metal detection conveyor belts are durable, sanitary, and easy to clean.
  • The core of the system is the metal detector head, which houses the electromagnetic or inductive coil that generates a magnetic field. Metal contaminants disturb this field and activate an alert or rejection mechanism.
  • The control panel on metal detector conveyor belts lets operators select sensitivity levels, alter detection settings, and monitor system performance. You can also see alarms and notifications.
  • When a metal contaminant is discovered, the system activates a reject mechanism like air jets, pusher arms, or diverting gates to remove the product from the production line.
  • Alarm Systems: Metal detector conveyor belts can sound and light alerts to notify operators of metal contamination in addition to physical rejection.
  • Metal impurities of various sizes and types can be detected by these systems’ changeable sensitivity settings. This adaptability is crucial in sectors that produce diverse products.
  • Integration with Other Equipment: Metal detector conveyor belts can effortlessly interface with packaging machines and sorting systems in bigger manufacturing lines.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: These systems are easy to maintain and clean, keeping them in good condition and meeting hygiene standards.
  • Data Logging and Reporting: Modern metal detecting conveyor systems can log and report metal contamination detection and rejection for quality control and compliance.
  • Customization: Metal detecting conveyor belt width, length, and metal detector head placement can be modified to match production line needs.

These technologies are essential for product safety and quality, especially in metal-contaminated sectors. Manufacturers may swiftly identify and remove metal impurities from their products using conveyor belts and metal detectors, decreasing consumer harm, product recalls, and processing equipment damage.

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