PU Plain Conveyor Belt

PU Plain Conveyor Belt

PU Plain Conveyor Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

PressureTech is the PU Plain Conveyor Belts manufacturer and supplier in UAE. Conveyor belts made of polyurethane (PU) are a widespread type used in many sectors to move materials and items from one place to another. Polyurethane, a thermoplastic noted for its exceptional blend of mechanical qualities, wear resistance, flexibility, and durability, is used to make these belts. Conveyor belts made of polyurethane are widely used due to its adaptability and appropriateness for various uses.

These belts are designed, developed, and fabricated according to the specific application requirements of our customer. The cleats and sidewalls are welded onto the base belt in order to make certain that these belts have a trouble-free and extended lifespan. During prolonged use, the sidewalls and cleats will remain securely attached thanks to the fusing process. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to support the requirements of any kind of end user with any kind of material.

The following are some essential attributes and traits of PU plain conveyor belts:

  • Material: Made of synthetic materials, polyurethane provides remarkable resistance to chemicals, oil, abrasion, and high temperatures. Because of this, PU conveyor belts are appropriate for use in industries where the belt may come into contact with different materials or operate under challenging circumstances.
  • Smooth Surface: The smooth, even surface of PU plain conveyor belts makes them perfect for moving a wide range of items, such as food, parcels, and industrial goods. The likelihood of product damage during transit is decreased by the smooth surface.
  • High Tensile Strength: PU belts can withstand large loads and offer dependable, long-lasting performance because of their high tensile strength.
  • Flexibility: PU conveyor belts can conform to the shape of the goods being moved because polyurethane is a flexible material. This adaptability may be useful in situations where the belt must go around obstacles or curves.
  • Low Noise and Energy Efficiency: When compared to certain other types of conveyor belts, PU conveyor belts frequently generate less noise. They can lower power usage when in use and are renowned for their energy efficiency.
  • Simple to Clean: PU conveyor belts’ smooth surface makes them comparatively simple to maintain and clean, which is vital in settings like the food sector where hygienic conditions and cleanliness are essential.
  • Numerous Industries: PU plain conveyor belts find application in food processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturing, among other industries. They can be used for transferring in both horizontal and incline directions.
  • Customization: PU conveyor belts can be made to match the unique requirements of the application by adjusting their width, length, thickness, and other criteria.
  • Joining Techniques: Depending on the needs of the application, these belts can be joined using a variety of techniques, including as welding, splicing, or mechanical fasteners.

It’s crucial to remember that the manufacturer and the intended use can have an impact on the precise features of PU plain conveyor belts. To make sure the conveyor belt fits the unique requirements of the operation, it is crucial to take into account variables like load capacity, operating environment, and necessary belt width when choosing one for a given application.

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