PU Side Wall Cleated Conveyor Belt

PU Side Wall Cleated Conveyor Belt

PU Side Wall Cleated Conveyor Belt Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

PU Sidewall cleated conveyor belts manufactured to order in accordance with the specifications provided by the customer. Depending on the application, these belts may be used to transport material to either feeders or hoppers, or even to processing machines. There is no risk of the material becoming damaged or lost while being transported. When compared to traditional elevators, the movement is seamless, and there is a significant reduction in the amount of noise.

We are the most reputable company in the industry, and our experienced professionals guide us in providing the best quality PU Belt. The material of these belts is of the food-grade standard, and they are available in a variety of thicknesses, including 0.8 mm, 1.5 mm, and 2.2 mm, among others.

Conveyor belts with side wall cleating made of polyurethane (PU) are frequently employed in manufacturing and industrial settings for the transportation of large quantities of goods or materials. Polyurethane material is used to make the side walls and cleats of this particular type of conveyor belt.

Below is a summary of its main elements:

  • substance: Polyurethane: This synthetic substance is renowned for its resilience to deterioration and long-term durability. Due to its superior lifespan, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion, it is frequently utilized in conveyor belts.
  • Cleats: On the surface of the conveyor belt, cleats are elevated portions or ribs. Usually, they are employed to stop goods from slipping or falling off the belt when traveling on uneven terrain, inclines, or declines. Cleats can be found in a variety of sizes and forms, depending on the intended use.
  • Side Walls: The elevated borders or barriers that run the length of the conveyor belt are called side walls. They are made to keep materials contained and directed as they go along the conveyor, avoiding spills and preserving a steady flow.

When large goods need to be contained and moved safely, for example, traditional flat conveyor belts may not be appropriate. In these cases, the PU side wall cleated conveyor belt is utilized. Common uses include the food processing, manufacturing, recycling, and agricultural sectors.

Depending on the conveyor’s design and the particular requirements of the material being transported, different side wall and cleat configurations are possible. The inclination angle, material size, and production environment can all be customized for these belts.

Conveyor belts with PU side wall cleated surfaces offer a dependable and effective means of moving bulk products, guaranteeing that there will be little product loss or leakage on route.

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