White PU Plain Conveyor Belt

White PU Plain Conveyor Belt

White PU Plain Conveyor Belt Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE

We offer conveyor belts for almost all grades of White PU Plain Conveyor Belt irrespective of their sensing capacity. These conveyor belts are extensively used in the food industry.

Main Application: All Kinds Of Packaging Line & Food Processing Line.
Belt Width: 0- 3000mm
Temp. -4°C ~ +80°C
Material: PU ( Polyurethane)
Colour: Green

PressureTech is one of the leading White PU plain conveyor belts manufacturer and supplier in UAE and Middle East regions. We also deliver conveyor, conveyor rollers, hydraulic products, and fabrication products through out the UAE.

White PU (Polyurethane) plain conveyor belts are utilized in industry. Its white hue and lack of cleats, corrugations, or sidewalls make it a simple, smooth belt.

Key characteristics of a white PU plain conveyor belt:

  • Polyurethane Material: This synthetic material is durable, abrasion-resistant, and flexible. Its versatility makes it a popular conveyor belt material.
  • White PU simple conveyor belts are smooth and uninterrupted. Smoothness reduces friction, which is useful for delicate products.
  • FDA-Compliance: Many white PU plain conveyor belts meet food industry standards. Food-grade PU makes them safe for direct touch with food.
  • Food processing and medicines require constant hygiene, therefore the belt’s flat surface makes it easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Low noise: These conveyor belts work quietly, making them ideal for calm workplaces.
  • Chemical Resistance: White PU plain conveyor belts resist industrial chemicals, oils, and other things.
  • Customization: Width, length, and thickness can be adjusted for individual applications.
  • White PU conveyor belts that disperse static electricity may be useful in applications where electrostatic discharge is a concern.
  • High Tensile Strength: Polyurethane belts can withstand enormous loads and stress without stretching or breaking.
  • Temperature Resistance: White PU conveyor belts can tolerate cold and hot temperatures.
  • White PU plain conveyor belts are utilized in food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and manufacturing where a smooth surface is needed for conveyance.

These adaptable conveyor belts are utilized where cleats, sidewalls, and other features are not needed. White indicates their suitability for cleanliness and food safety-focused companies. White PU plain conveyor belts are reliable for industrial conveying jobs due to their durability, cleanability, and wear resistance.

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