Friction Rollers

Friction Rollers

Friction Rollers Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE and Middle East Regions

“Friction method – The transport surface on the work piece is not damaged”. Pressure Tech offers an excellent quality range of Friction Rollers, which are manufactured from high-grade quality raw materials.

Friction rollers use friction to control motion and support in numerous applications. Machinery, conveyor systems, and other equipment employ these rollers to transport things and materials.

Here are some friction roller characteristics:

  • Design: Friction rollers are cylindrical or barrel-shaped metal, plastic, or rubber components. The roller’s friction surface grips and guides items.
  • Function: Friction rollers help objects move smoothly and controllably. When an object touches the roller’s surface, friction prevents slipping or sliding, allowing regulated motion.
  • Adjustability: The friction roller can change its pressure to meet different object sizes and weights. This adaptability lets the roller grab and steer several materials.
  • Maintenance: Friction rollers need proper maintenance to work properly. Cleaning, lubrication, and wear-and-tear examination may be required.
  • Advantages: Friction rollers are simple, cost-effective, and can handle varied materials and loads. They are also easy to replace when worn.
  • Limitations: Friction rollers have limitations despite their versatility and popularity. Friction can generate wear and heat, which can damage or reduce efficiency. They may not be suited for high-precision or low-contact applications.
friction conveyor roller manufacturer and supplier in UAE


  • Conveyor Systems: In conveyor systems, friction rollers move materials or goods along a path. Rollers are commonly organised in a sequence, and objects to be delivered rest on their surfaces, moving as they rotate.
  • Printing Industry: In printing machinery, friction rollers guide paper or other printing materials through the printing process, guaranteeing exact alignment and movement.
  • Material Handling: Pallet handling systems and sorting devices use friction rollers to control item movement and sorting.
  • Textile Industry: The textile industry uses friction rollers to control fabric tension and movement during production.
  • Heat resistance
  • Abrasion resistance

Product Details:

  • Roller Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Roller Type: O-Groove Rollers
  • Color: Any
  • feature: Highly efficient
  • Attribute: Heat resistance
  • condition :New
friction conveyor roller manufacturer and supplier UAE

Friction rollers assist many industries and applications move items and materials smoothly. They are designed and behave differently depending on the application.

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