Idler Rollers

Idler Rollers

Idler Rollers Conveyor Manufacturer and Exporter in UAE and Middle East Region

Circular rollers or pulleys known as idler rollers are frequently seen in conveyor systems and other material handling equipment.

Pressure Tech offers top notch nature of  Idler Rollers conveyor, which are manufactured by professional experts with high-quality materials procured from reliable vendors in the market. Our conveyor idler rollers are planned and created to deliver optimum performance even under difficult circumstances.

We provide a variety of inexpensive idler rollers that are manufactured in accordance with international quality requirements. High quality lamination coating is used in its construction.

They serve several important functions in these systems:

Support: The conveyor belt or load being conveyed is supported by idler rollers. To prevent sagging or misalignment and to keep the conveyor belt in the proper place, they are frequently placed underneath the belt.

Tensioning: Idler rollers can be used to add tension to the conveyor belt in various conveyor systems. This aids in preserving proper belt tension and prevents slack, which may cause harm or inefficiency to the belt.

Idler Conveyor Roller Supplier in Dubai UAE

Directional Control: Idler rollers can assist in controlling the conveyor belt’s direction. You can direct the path the belt follows by carefully positioning idler rollers with various diameters or angles, ensuring that it goes in the right direction.

Support for Loads: As heavy loads are transported along the conveyor system, idler rollers can offer additional support. This makes it easier to distribute the weight uniformly and lowers the danger of the conveyor belt being harmed.


  • Conveyor Systems: Most belt, roller, and gravity conveyors use idler rollers. They move materials, packages, and products at factories, warehouses, distribution centres, and airports.
  • Material Handling: Idler rollers are used in conveyors, palletizers, stackers, and sorters. They control handling product movement.
  • Agriculture: The idler rollers of crop harvesters and grain augers transport crops from fields to storage or processing facilities.
  • Printing and Packaging: Idler rollers feed, align, and transport paper, cardboard, and packaging materials through printing presses, cutting equipment, and packing lines.
  • Mining and Quarrying: Conveyor systems transport ore, rocks, and other materials from extraction to processing or loading facilities require idler rollers.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: Auto assembly lines use idler rollers to guide car parts. Assembly components are correctly positioned.
Idler Conveyor Roller Manufacturer in UAE

Idler rollers come in various sizes, materials, and configurations to suit the specific needs of different conveyor systems. They are commonly made from materials such as steel, aluminum, or plastic, depending on the application and environmental conditions. Additionally, idler rollers can be designed with various surface finishes and bearings to minimize friction and extend their lifespan.

Overall, idler rollers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of conveyor systems, making them a fundamental component in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, mining, and more.

Pressure Tech is a well known Idler Rollers Conveyor manufacturer and Exporter in UAE & Middle East Regions. We deliver quality conveyors rollers to many places such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman.

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