Powered Rollers

Powered Rollers

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Powered roller conveyors carry goods in material handling and manufacturing. Powered Rollers by an electric motor or other means move goods along a conveyor line. These rollers can be made of metal, plastic, or rubber, depending on the application and products conveyed.

We are offering premium quality Powered Rollers Conveyor to our valued customers. A conveyor that is powered by a mechanical device that moves products along a conveyor line, other than by gravity pushing the payload, is a powered conveyor. It minimizes human error, improves employee safety and reduces labor costs.

Here are some key features and advantages of powered roller conveyors:

  • Motorized Operation: The main feature of powered roller conveyors is its motorised rollers, which can be turned on and off. This controls and optimises conveyor line product movement.
  • Versatility: Powered roller conveyors can handle boxes, cartons, totes, and oddly shaped objects. Distribution centres, warehouses, and factories use them.
  • Variable Speed: Roller speed can be modified to meet processing or sorting needs depending on the conveyor system’s design.
  • Accumulation: Some powered roller conveyors can briefly stop or hold products without jamming or damaging them.
  • Directional Control: By modifying roller speed or direction, powered rollers can change product flow direction. This lets objects be diverted within the conveyor system.
powered roller conveyors supplier in UAE
  • Low Maintenance: Due to fewer moving parts, powered roller conveyors require less maintenance than other conveyor models. It can reduce downtime and operating costs.
  • Integration: Other conveyor systems, automated machines, and control systems can be integrated to improve material handling and production lines.
  • Safety Features: Emergency stop buttons, guards, and sensors are typically used to prevent accidents.

Product Details:

  • Roller Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Roller Type: O-Groove Rollers
  • Roller Length: 0-200 mm
powered roller conveyor manufacturer in Dubai UAE

Powered roller conveyors are commonly used in various industries, including e-commerce, logistics, food and beverage, automotive manufacturing, and many others. Their versatility and ability to handle a wide range of products make them a popular choice for efficiently moving goods within a facility.

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