Double Decker Conveyor

Double Decker Conveyor

Double Decker Conveyor

We are one of the recognized & eminent Double Decker Manufacturers and Suppliers in the country. Our machines are designed with double layers so that the temperatures of both top & bottom layers can be controlled separately. This kind of conveyor is mainly used in transport the small bags directly from the production working room to packing workshop or storeroom, which will be packed as gift package, big package while the conveyor carrying, and the packed finished products also were transported to the store, at the same time the conveyor also can be as working table to increase the working efficiency and save space. Suitable for carrying materials to save labor in production-line. More hygienic, easily managed and saving production field.

Double Deckor Conveyor


  • All made by stainless steel; Comply with Nylon belt, hygienic and beautiful.
  • Horizontal, straight, slop and swerve conveyors.
  • Frame is made by stainless steel too; the length and width can be made according on the customers' requirements.
  • Matched with other equipment’s to form the production line.
  • Conveyor also can be used as working table, save working space.
  • Increase the labor efficiency and save labor cost.


  • Food & Beverage Industries
  • Logistics Industry
  • Warehouse
  • All Production, Processing & Packaging Industry
Double Deckor Conveyor
Double Deckor Conveyor


  • Sugar
  • Textile
  • Food processing
  • Ceramic
  • For conveying heavy goods
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