Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

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Gravity conveyors that do not require power are one of the most cost-effective methods of material handling. Rollers or skatewheels that are mounted in frames are what carry the loads from one location to another. Generally speaking, gravity conveyors have an incline in height, which allows for free flow of products and makes use of the gravitational pull of the Earth. Therefore, we refer to it as a gravity conveyor.

Boxes, cartons, and totes with hard and stiff bottoms can be moved using gravity conveyors if they meet certain requirements. Roller or skatewheel sizes, as well as the spacing between them, are subject to change. At all times, the box, carton, or tote must have a minimum of three rollers underneath it, as this is a fair rule of thumb for the situation.


Pressure Tech’s gravity roller conveyors are flexible and may be altered to meet specific requirements. Gravity roller conveyors can be adjusted in terms of their length, width, roller centres, wheel patterns, and standard configurations.

There are several operational and financial gains to be made by investing in gravity conveyors, such as higher productivity, greater adaptability, and longer product life. Online stores now have a selection of gravity conveyors.

Pressure Tech is the leading gravity conveyor manufacturer and supplier in UAE. We also provide nationwide delivery to any location in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah on all of our premium conveyor items.

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor Features:

  • Economical solution for manual product transport or gravity flow
  • Requires less power and maintenance
  • Versatility allows for handling products of a wide variety of sizes and weights
  • Common applications include the staging or the transportation of products
  • Supports products with irregular surfaces including loosely bagged products

Gravity Conveyor Applications:

  • Shipping, receiving, and assembly areas
  • Loading and unloading of trucks
  • Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, FMCG
  • Picking areas, Automotive and Allied Industries
  • attaching to scales, carriages, or other industrial equipment
Gravity Conveyor
Gravity Conveyor


  • E-Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Drink Handling

Advantages of Gravity Roller Conveyor:

There are many advantages to owning a gravity roller conveyor system. The following is a list of the benefits of a gravity roller conveyor system.


Due to the absence of motors, gravity roller conveyors are quite affordable. Additionally, steel, aluminium, and plastic—common and universal materials—are used to make the majority of components.


These systems are elastic and adaptable to user requirements. They can be transported without much difficulty and are frequently used as temporary conveyors.


Gravity roller conveyor designs that are easy to maintain are used to create pallet conveyors. Because they are mostly made of affordable, readily available materials, replacing an element when it fails merely takes a few seconds. You won’t need to completely stop working or seek out a specialist because it’s sometimes as easy as removing the damaged piece and replacing it.

Disadvantages of Gravity Conveyors:

  • Products could be damaged when being moved by gravity.
  • Not being able to control conveyor speed
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