Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyors

Gravity Conveyors (GC) are one of the most cost effective and versatile product lines available. Gravity conveyors are non-powered solutions that use gravity or some external force to move products. Gravity conveyors may be metal or composite chutes, rollers, or skate wheel conveyors. They are one of the most economical material handling solutions and are easy to install and relocate since they do not utilize motorized parts

Gravity Conveyor


  • Economical solution for manual product transport or gravity flow
  • Requires less power and maintenance
  • Versatility allows for handling products of a wide variety of sizes and weights
  • Common applications include the staging or the transportation of products
  • Supports products with irregular surfaces including loosely bagged products


  • Shipping, receiving, and assembly areas
  • Picking areas, Automotive and Allied Industries
  • Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, FMCG
  • Warehouse & Storage
  • Packaging, Logistics, Postage and Couriers
Gravity Conveyor
Gravity Conveyor


  • E-Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Drink Handling
  • Manufacturing
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