Inclined Conveyor

Inclined Conveyor

Inclined Conveyors

Inclined conveyors are essential for systems that require transportation of products or materials to a higher elevation. The conveyor is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum and has a modular design for quick and easy assembly. Inclined conveyors are typically inclined belt conveyers and consist of C frame with a slider bed. This C frame is a fixed in-built side guide and is fabricated using high grade raw material. To ensure the free flowing of material, corrugated side walls & cleats is required as it helps in elevating the products.

Inclined Conveyor


  • Moves your products up to the next level
  • Split your factory into different levels
  • Uses less energy than a standard conveyor belt
  • Customized to your exact requirements
  • Allows for precise control of your processes


  • Certain parts of food manufacturing equipment require your products to be at a certain height before they can be processed
  • Chemicals and other granules.
  • A full-width spread of products
  • A monolayer across the whole tray allowing for effective screening/sorting and grading into different fractions as required
  • Incline conveying materials from one process i.e. frying to downstream i.e. freezing
Inclined Conveyor
Inclined Conveyor


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Food Industry
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