Overhead Conveyor

Overhead Conveyor

Overhead Conveyor Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE & Middle East Regions.

Among the various types of conveyors, one of the most common uses is an overhead conveyor. In most cases, it is utilized in a manufacturing facility for the purpose of transporting components from one location to another. These individuals make advantage of the vertical space that is typically unused above the work area. Through the utilization of curved sections or even lifts, they lower the components down to the level of the workers and then bring them back up to higher levels. Ovens and robot work rooms are two examples of areas of a production line that are inaccessible to humans, but overhead conveyors are able to reach them.

Conveyors that are suspended from the ceiling are also referred to as Hanging Conveyors and even Overhead Transport Systems. It has the ability to spin in both the horizontal and vertical axes while it is being propelled forward.

Our organization, which is located in the United Arab Emirates, is the most reliable choice for acquiring overhead conveyors of superior quality. It is possible to control our conveyors manually, electrically, or even without the need for any external power source. This versatility makes them appropriate for a wide range of applications, including spraying on or removing the product that is being delivered.

Heavy parts on assembly lines, empty cardboard boxes, and garments in retail and e-commerce outlets are just some of the things that can be moved by overhead chain conveyors, which are both robust and versatile construction vehicles.

Simple overhead conveyors that use less energy are now available for purchase. As a consequence of this reason, the conveyor industry has become more productive and efficient.

Pressure Tech is a global leader in the provision and construction of conveyor systems that operate above ground. The company’s headquarters are located in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, we provide conveyor products to countries in the Middle East, such as Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman, amongst others.

Overhead Conveyor Manufacturing Company in UAE

Overhead Conveyor Features:

  • Small section size,
  • Free up valuable floor space by utilizing vertical space for conveyance
  • Reduce travel time by transporting goods directly to operators
  • Improve ergonomics and reduce lifting or bending by suspending parts from overhead conveyor for assembly processes
  • Versatile solutions to support a variety of applications and processes
  • A flexible system with modular tracks and chains for an easy extension/reduction of the conveying path
  • Standardized parts for an easy installation and maintenance
  • Custom-made configurations and designs according to material handling requirements

Overhead Conveyor Application:

  • For Assembly Line
  • For Paint Job
  • For Carton and Tote Handling
  • For Dyeing
  • For Heating and cooling
  • For Storage
Overhead Conveyor Supplier in Dubai UAE
Overhead Conveyor Manufacturer in Dubai UAE

Overhead Conveyor Industries:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Shipping
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