Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor

Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor

Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE and Middle East.

A plastic slat chain conveyor is a specialized conveyor system that uses interlocking plastic slats or chains to create a flat or contoured conveying surface. These conveyors are commonly used in industries that require efficient and hygienic material handling, such as food and beverage processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

The quality of our Slat Chain Conveyors is unrivalled. The carrying surfaces, which can be either slats or aprons installed on the two strands of drive chains, are driven at a constant or variable speed.

We manufacture plastic slat chain conveyors in a wide range of configurations to suit individual needs. The Slat Conveyor was developed to move massive loads with minimal disturbance and power use. It doesn’t require any form of chemical or electrical input, and it’s perfectly harmless for the planet.

If you’re looking to buy a plastic slat conveyor in the UAE, look no further than Pressure Tech. Pressure Tech is the leading producer and supplier of conveyors in the UAE and the wider Middle Eastern region.

Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor Supplier in Dubai UAE

Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor Features

  • Dimensions are customized based on requirement
  • Easy to install & maintain as it does not require any additional support structures
  • Reduces number of steps in production process
  • Reduces the amount of time taken for loading & unloading goods

Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor Applications:

  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Packaging Industries
Plastic Slat Chain Conveyor Manufacturer in Dubai UAE
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