Wire Rope Conveyor

Wire Rope Conveyor

Manufacturer and Supplier of Wire Rope Conveyor in UAE and Middle East.

Wire rope conveyors are widely used in the transportation sector, as well as in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and the chemical and steel industries. This conveyor can carry more weight, is simpler to put up, and has a smaller turning radius than its competitors.

The structure of a wire rope conveyor belt is steel rope rather than plastic, making it similar to but distinct from a rubber conveyor belt. Steel wire ropes are constructed from specially treated high carbon steel wire rope that can endure high-strength strain and recurrent dynamic pressure without compromising their flexibility or service life, and the cores are arranged in a predetermined pattern.

Pressure Tech is the only place to go for a wire rope conveyor. When it comes to Wire Rope Conveyor, they are among the best companies in the UAE. We also supply the United Arab Emirates with roller conveyors, conveyor belts, and conveyors.

Wire Rope Conveyor Manufacturer in UAE

Wire Rope Conveyor Features

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Uniform tension of the wire rope
  • Short/Long distance conveying materials
  • Strong Steel Wire ropes

Wire Rope Conveyor Applications:

  • Steel Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Packaging Industry
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