Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

PressureTech is the foremost manufacturer of custom hydraulic cylinders in the UAE. Lean on our expertise in hydraulic cylinder design, engineering, and fabrication to support the vital fluid power applications of your organisation. Contact PressureTech today for innovative, cutting-edge designs for your custom hydraulic cylinder applications!

It is essential to design the ideal hydraulic cylinder for a given application in order to achieve optimal performance.  For the production of world-class hydraulic cylinders, it is imperative to choose a manufacturer that employs superior components and engineering.

PressureTech is regarded as one of the most reputable hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in UAE, thanks to its more than four years of engineering experience and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment.

We specialist in constructing large bore hydraulic cylinders to the exact specifications of each client.  

Our selection of hydraulic cylinders includes 

  1. Welded designs
  2. Mill duty designs
  3. Tie rod designs
  4. Double acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders
  5. Large bore hydraulic cylinders with custom bore sizes.

Our ROI-centric approach to application-specific design ensures that you receive the optimal design, performance, and value for your application.

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