Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

We manufacture heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders with unique fluid. This fluid gives industrial machinery and construction vehicles the proper force and mobility. We offer pneumatic and adjustable stroke cylinders with 30% to 35% stroke modifications. Plastic injection moulding machinery for robots to pick up moulded materials use these cylinders. Precise material pickup reduces cycle time and improves performance. We make custom hydraulic cylinders. We also have spares.

Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders can handle loads. Metallurgy equipment and heavy machines employ this range of massive hydraulic cylinders. Pressuretech Group creates heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders for integrators and OEMs. We make precision heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders and actuators in all sizes for all industries and uses.

Pressuretech is a prominent heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and supplier in the UAE. Our engineers build a superior cylinder that exceeds your expectations.

Custom Heavy Duty Hydraulic Features

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE
  • Single or Double Acting configurations
  • Common bore sizes up to 20”
  • Common stroke lengths up to 300”
  • Standard Carbon, Alloy, & Stainless material options are available based on application
  • Special paints, plating, and treatment options available upon request
    Seal options available based on fluid/pressure/temperature

Advantages of working with Us include

Experienced machinists and top-of-the-line equipment make all heavy duty hydraulic cylinders. We make prototypes and produce low- and high-volume orders. Each heavy duty hydraulic cylinder is customised to your bore size, stroke length, mounting method, material, and more.Our heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders operate well in tough applications and situations. Our unique hydraulic cylinders can handle 5,000-psi working pressures.

  • Full-service supplier offering design, manufacturing, and assembly services
  • Short production lead times
  • Innovative engineering using computer-aided technology
  • Performance-built solutions engineered and manufactured for rugged environments
  • Precision manufacturing from prototype to production
  • Experience across a broad range of markets and applications
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE
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