high Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder

high Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder

High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders that operate under high pressure call for intricate technical designs and robust construction materials. To achieve precise tolerances, guarantee performance, and protect workers in the field, skilled machining is absolutely necessary.

Because of our extensive training and expertise, we are able to provide you with high-pressure hydraulic cylinders that are both complicated and customised to fit the demands of your application.

As a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure hydraulic cylinders, we have extensive expertise developing hydraulic cylinders that are capable of operating at high pressures. Producing cylinders of this type allows a company to satisfy the specifications set forth by its customers.

Custom high-pressure hydraulic cylinder

Personalise your high-pressure hydraulic cylinder by equipping it with features that are particular to your application. When designing the most suitable bespoke hydraulic cylinder for the task at hand, our engineers take into account the type of equipment, application, and operating environment involved.

High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE
  • Chrome bore available
  • Adjustable cushions
  • Air bleeds
  • Special materials & plating
  • Integrated valve technology
  • Linear displacement transducers
  • Proximity switches
  • Pressure boosters
  • Intensifier designs
  • ASME, ABS, DNV, USCG and API specifications

High-pressure cylinder features & specifications

1.  Up to 5,000 psi hydraulic cylinders

2. High-yield strength carbon or alloy steel outer tubes, piston rods and components

3. Up to 10,000 psi hydraulic cylinders for specialized applications

4. Extensive pressure testing

5. Double and single acting high-pressure hydraulic cylinder designs

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