Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Four rods (bolts) join the ends of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder in a tie-rod hydraulic cylinder, which adds strength and stability and keeps the cylinder from rupturing under pressure. Providing power in both directions (extending and retracting), double-acting tie-rod hydraulic cylinders enable more precise movement. They support, lift, and press heavy weights in agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, and construction equipment and feature a linear actuator. Seals can be changed as necessary to maintain cylinders operating properly. The cylinder can be fastened directly to the machinery thanks to clevis mounts on both ends. For strength and stability, the rod end features a clevis attachment that is welded to the body. An equipment-attachment clevis bracket is on the piston-side end cap.

Pressuretech is one of the leading tie-rod hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and suppliers, We have been supplying and exporting tie-rod cylinders. Pressuretech has rich experience designing tie-rod cylinders for a number of industries and applications.

Standard-duty tie-rod cylinders:

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder Supplier in UAE

The double-acting steel cylinders used in standard-duty tie-rod hydraulic cylinders have a 2500 psi pressure rating. Compared to heavy-duty cylinders, they are slightly smaller. Unlike single-acting cylinders, they offer power in both push and pull directions, enabling more precise positioning. The case-hardened steel rod is hard chrome-plated for smooth movement and a long service life.

Heavy-duty tie-rod cylinders

Heavy-duty tie-rod cylinders are suited for use in hydraulic systems up to 3000 psi because they have a thicker body wall and a bigger rod diameter than standard-duty tie-rod cylinders.

To give more strength and stiffness, the tie rods are thicker than standard-duty tie rods and made of high-tensile steel. High yield strength hard chrome-plated piston rods that are finely honed and polished for motion are used.

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE
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