Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie rod hydraulic cylinders have four rods (bolts) that connect the ends of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder to add strength and stability to the cylinder and prevent it from coming apart under pressure.

Pressuretech is one of the leading tie-rod hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and suppliers, We have been supplying and exporting tie-rod cylinders. Pressuretech has rich experience designing tie-rod cylinders for a number of industries and applications.

Standard-duty tie-rod cylinders:

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder-3

Standard-duty tie-rod hydraulic cylinders are double-acting steel cylinders rated at 2500 psi. They are slightly smaller than heavy-duty cylinders. They provide power in both push and pull directions, allowing for more precise positioning than single-acting cylinders. The hard chrome-plated case-hardened steel rod provides smooth movement and long service life.

Heavy-duty tie-rod cylinders

Heavy-duty tie-rod cylinders have a thicker body wall and larger rod diameter than standard-duty tie-rod cylinders, making them suitable for use in hydraulic systems up to 3000 psi.

The tie rods are made of high-tensile steel and are thicker than standard-duty tie rods to provide additional strength and rigidity. Hard chrome-plated piston rods made of high yield-strength are precision ground and polished for smooth movement.

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