Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

The majority of applications are catered for by welded hydraulic cylinders, which have more intricate designs. Due to its small shape and when a more durable construction is necessary in an application, welded cylinders are usually a preferable option.

Welded hydraulic cylinders are built to survive extreme temperature changes and are used in tough industrial settings including steel mills, waste and recycling facilities, and metal-fabricating presses.

They are lighter and more portable than tie-rod cylinders and are sometimes referred to as round-body cylinders, welded-cross cylinders, or ag cylinders. This makes them an excellent option for use in mobile applications. In order to strengthen the cylinder body and do away with tie rods, the barrel of the heavy-duty housing is directly welded to the end caps. To increase stability, cross tubes are welded to the piston end of the cylinder and feature end fittings with grease zerks.

One of the top suppliers and manufacturers of welded hydraulic cylinders is Pressuretech. Our technical team uses your specifications to create a premium cylinder that is superior.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

Heavy-Duty Welded Cylinders

Applications requiring up to 3000 psi use heavy-duty welded hydraulic cylinders. Compared to standard-duty welded cylinders, they have a thicker cylinder body and a bigger rod diameter. In order to provide constant performance in heavy load applications, heavy strength piston seals help avoid leaks.

Standard-Duty Welded Cylinders

In systems up to 2500 psi, standard-duty welded hydraulic cylinders are employed. Rugged industrial settings including metal production and trash and recycling operations use welded hydraulic cylinders.

pressuretech welded cylinder includes the following standard features:

  1. Barrel is manufactured from high tensile cold drawn tube, precision honed for extended seal life
  2. Rod is manufactured from High tensile SAE 1045/CK45 SAE4140/42CRMO4/SS304/SS316, ground & polished hard chrome plated
  3. Piston & Gland are manufactured from ductile iron 65-45-12 (ASTM A536)
  4. Pin & Pin clip are high tensile zinc plated steel
  5. All seals are manufactured to North American specifications and standards
  6. SAE Ports
  7. 100% hydraulic tested
  8. Standard black paint, custom colours available.
welded hydraulic cylinder supplier in UAE
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